Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for such a blessed yet busy week.

A blessed Monday morning to you all! I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was as joyful as ours. Our whole week was delightful though VERY hectic. The last of our week went as follows: Thursday - Thanksgiving with the Jennings, Friday - Birthday party for all three Jennings girlies and taking a mini tourist trip, Saturday - A blessed and relaxing Sabbath. Since we do celebrate the Sabbath and set it aside, and since we had company coming in; it was needful to cook all the meals for three days prior to Friday. If we were old pros at preparing meals ahead of the day this might have been a breeze. However, we are very new at it so it presented a bit of a challenge. :) This Thanksgiving we decided not to get with our extended family but instead stay home. We were all pretty excited about not traveling anywhere but as the day got closer, it seemed like it might be a bit lonely. Well, YHWH provided and we were able to celebrate with the Jennings family. My, were we excited! Grace's birthday was on Friday so we decided to have a joint birthday party for all three girls. We had missed Heidi and Emma's earlier so it worked out well. I will just share a few pictures of the lovely time we had.

This is my brother Joel and Steve Jennings playing at swords in the front yard. They said that they had to get rid of all the turkey they ate. :)

I believe Joel won this match.

Little Emma is so adorable. Her and Grace kept running out to see if the chickens had laid any more eggs. They were expecting great things out of those chickens. :)

Dad and Steve did some blacksmithing on Friday while us girls gave Phallin a tour of the Mennonite community around here. We had an amazing time going to all the little stores around and being able to have some 'big girl' time. We left before they really got started but this is a picture of the open forge getting heated up. They worked on some railroad spike knives and a couple of suprises we don't yet know about.

We had a little party for the girls Friday night and then a time of discussing the goodness of the Lord to begin the sabbath. We praise the Lord for such wonderful friends to enjoy Thanksgiving with and for Him giving us sooo many reasons to be thankful in the first place. ~Sara

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little bit about GracefulMaidenhood

Greetings to all who are reading this. This is our first post and as such we would like to explain what you might find here if you choose to visit again. This blog is a way to share with others what Yahweh is doing in our lives as we strive to please Him in all we do. Us three sisters, Sara, Aimee, and Whitney, have some hopes for this blog.
The first is to meet and share with like minded followers of Him who made us all. The second being that we might strengthen and encourage (Yahweh willing) others in the walk of being a graceful maiden for Him. Thirdly, we would love to share our day to day activities and our family happenings.
What does 'Graceful Maidenhood' mean to us? Please don't think we are referring to young maidens that always speak softly, have smooth hands, and never run into anything but always remain poised. While we do seek to keep our voices kind and peaceful, two of us sisters have major issues in not running into stuff. We seem to be incurable klutzes that will stub our toes twice a day. The term 'graceful maidenhood' means something much deeper to us.
To us it means the we are living out our maidenhood in a way that is pleasing to Yahweh. As we live our lives unto Him, we find grace in His sight and then He pours His grace out on us. We truly believe that while He has grace for all, when we follow the path He has set before us, we find favour in His sight. We are also reminded of what it means to be gracious. In Webster's New World Dictionary (1957) the meaning of Gracious is as follows: 1. having or showing kindness, courtesy etc. 2. merciful; compassionate. 3. polite to supposed inferiors.
As we strive to be handmaidens of Yahweh, the Great I AM, we pray that we will be gracious in all our doings. Feel free to share any thoughts that you might have. We only ask that Yahweh will be exalted in all. The Lord bless and keep you all ~ Sara